About Us

Improve your health and beauty with vitamins, minerals, super foods, herbs and nutritional supplements from the friendly Canadian franchise Simply Health. All our products ship from within Canada or can be picked up locally in the greater Edmonton area.

Simply Health store at Edmonton International Airport

Simply Health store at Edmonton International Airport

We founded Simply Health in 2007 in continuation of Newfound Health and with longstanding experience in the health food industry and access to 30,000 products chances are high that we carry what you are looking for. If you can't find your product online, please send us a quick email and we will do our best to get it for you. Striving to provide excellent customer service in store and online is one of our trades, and competitive pricing due to combined buying power across stores is the other.

The rich variety of our products promotes our customers' lifestyle resolving around staying healthy inside and out, performing better through enhancing mind and body, relieving issues like stress and pain, and improving health e.g. by supporting the immune system.

We invite you to have a look at our online health store or to visit one of our franchise locations where our friendly and knowledgeable staff is offering you additional services ranging from nutritional counseling, wellness coaching, live blood analysis and heart monitoring to reflexology.

Our Mission

Keeping our health, our physical, mental and social condition in good shape is central to human happiness. Good health does not only mean that we are not sick, it leads us to a higher quality of life and makes us stronger to withstand or recover from illness.

While many factors influence our health, a central approach for gaining positive control is simply through balancing nutrition.

Simply Health has therefore made it its mission to grow specialists in this field and to provide its clientele with goods and services needed in support of a better health. We do this by building premier local and online locations where people find tested, supreme high quality products and gain access to valuable information and caring services.

At Simply Health we strive to assist all people, including the athlete and professional community, with improving, attaining, and maintaining the best personal health possible.

Company Milestones

  • In 2000 after being a franchisee for 4 years company founder Azim Velji acquired the franchise Newfound Health including its 8 locations
  • Within 4 years Newfound Health expanded to 17 locations
  • In 2005 Planet Organics acquired Newfound Health and rebranded its stores to Sangsters
  • Azim Velji founded Simply Health combining the two store locations Southgate (2010) and Spruce Grove (2011)
  • Later the two stores in Abbottsfield and Meadowlark from the Newfound Health era joined Simply Health
  • Store location in Rutherford was opened in 2014
  • Store location at the Edmonton International Airport opened in 2018
  • Store locations in Devon and Leduc opened in 2019