How to become a Franchisee

Thank you for your interest in the SIMPLY HEALTH® franchise program. SIMPLY HEALTH® has developed a business that specializes in the retail sales of health food, vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, herbs, packaged bulk foods, skin care products, aromatherapy, and other related products and services.

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Commonly Asked Questions

SIMPLY HEALTH® and the Industry We Serve ^

Franchising continues to be extremely successful in the Canadian market. Today more than 65,000 franchised businesses are operating in Canada. Franchising sales in 1996 alone reached over $90 billion (worldwide) and accounted for 48% of all service and retail sales. Amazingly, franchise businesses represent only 5% of total businesses in Canada.

Over the past 30 years, there has been an explosion in scientific evidence linking nutrition and health. This has lead to an increased emphasis on the importance of nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention on the part of government agencies and scientific organizations. "The personal service industry is growing by leaps and bounds."

Changing demographics as well as growing markets created by dual-income households, ageing baby boomers and retirees are creating exciting trends. Businesses that enhance lifestyles are among the fastest growing companies. The nutritional supplement industry has reached $4 billion in Canada and $11 billion in U.S in annual sales.

What will impact directly on SIMPLY HEALTH® and its franchisees is the current trend towards an ageing population. This target market is expected to continue to grow in upcoming years. Such demographic changes and the growth of interest in alternative health management will lead to a greater demand for products and outstanding services that are competitive in the market place.

This is how SIMPLY HEALTH® can help you. You are able to go into business for yourself with the support of an established company behind you.

Simply Health® was awarded as Canada's best health supplements and superfood franchise by Corporate Vision, an initiative by AI Global Media Limited. Corporate Vision published an interesting article about Simply Health and its franchise market in their Franchise Awards 2020 edition. Have a look at the article and publication here!

Article in Franchise Awards, Edition 2020

Article in Franchise Awards, Edition 2020

Why Consider the SIMPLY HEALTH® Franchise? ^

Starting a new business is never a risk-free venture. However, going into business with an established concept and a support team does eliminate some of the common challenges of starting an endeavor.

SIMPLY HEALTH® promotes a strong franchisor-franchisee relationship. It only starts with a complete training program. The relationship also consists of sharing information and ideas, promoting goodwill with customers, implementing promotional activities and programs and operating according to the highest system standards.

As a SIMPLY HEALTH® franchisee, there are many other benefits to consider as well:

Start-Up Assistance

  • Site Selection, Real Estate Negotiations & Demographic Review
  • Construction & Advisory Services
  • Point of Sale System which is inventory and customer database supported

Operations Manual

The SIMPLY HEALTH® Operations Manual is a strong tool for all franchisees both before and after the doors to your business are open. The Operations Manual serves as a reference guide and is updated by our support team on an on-going basis.

Purchasing Power

SIMPLY HEALTH® will be able to negotiate "volume buying discounts" for the franchise system. This purchasing power will strengthen the profit margin of a franchise location. SIMPLY HEALTH®'s wide range of products including their private label will offer franchisees a competitive edge.

Brand Name Products

Quality products that promote health and fitness are just as important to us as the customers who seek them out. We have developed a line of affordable quality products.

Brand Awareness & Marketing Program

SIMPLY HEALTH® works with each franchisee to create a local marketing program that works best for their market. The Operations Manual gives direction as to local marketing strategies as well. The national campaign support continues to promote the established name of SIMPLY HEALTH® and create dynamic marketing materials for the entire team.

Training Programs

Since outstanding customer service is a corner stone of SIMPLY HEALTH®, training programs have been developed for each team member. Ongoing product training and business management advice, are key programs to support the franchisee's success.

Continuous Support

Our established support team will be available for continuous support well after opening. The staff can provide each franchise with assistance on product information, management and business planning updates, computer systems, marketing and operations. Resources such as field visits, a toll free number and financial reporting assistance can prove invaluable as franchisees face new challenges and increase their market share.

The best way to sum up our program and relationships, is that we want to be "Your Healthy Partners in Success!"

Commonly Asked Questions

Is a technical or nutrition background needed? ^

Not necessarily! We have found that a franchisee with a nutrition or dietitian background does provide us with a strong candidate. However, we've also found a hardworking, business minded individual with the sincere desire to assist customers with their health needs, is a great start. Simply Health® strives to offer an outstanding training program with continuous updates, which allow our franchisees to grow and develop. Overall, if you want to work for yourself, make more money, and enjoy working with people — you're just the type of person we're looking for.

How is Simply Health® different and what is its competitive edge? ^

Our success is based on people helping people — "Committed To Customer Service!"

We take great pride in knowing that we have warm, inviting stores staffed with a friendly, knowledgeable team that truly loves to help our customers. We provide service that is second to none in the industry. We support this claim once again by our training program and updates, and secondly by the continuous support we provide to our franchisees. Overall, it's a winning combination!

What is needed to qualify? ^

Most franchisees start up the business with $100,000 in cash. The cash can come from various sources such as savings, investors, home mortgages or friends and family. In addition to the down payment, you or your investor(s) must have a net worth of $250,000, which may be committed as collateral. You must also have a good credit rating, work experience and have completed the initial Simply Health® training program.