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Allmax Quick mass Vanilla

  • Allmax Quick mass Vanilla

QUICKMASS LOADED is a scientifically formulated mass builder based on California State University research and is designed to help even the hardest gainer pack on lean mass quickly. This gold standard, 8-week, double blind, placebo controlled study showed an increase in chest size of 1 inch and 4.5 times as much lean muscle mass than the placebo group

QUICKMASS LOADED accomplishes this by combining a scientifically proven calorie level with a new calorie activation system called NP5? Technology. Every angle of the QUICKMASS LOADED formula has been custom designed with the sole objective of delivering the strongest, most potent mass gainer in existence today! We at ALLMAX Nutrition feel we have accomplished our mission ? you be the judge!

?         Provides an added 2020 scientifically engineered calories a day for colossal muscle growth (based on 8 scoops per day).

?         Provides 5 grams of glutamine with a unique delivery matrix of 60 grams of time-released protein for rapid muscle recovery and unprecendented gains in lean muscle mass.

?         Glycemically balanced carbohydrate matrix prolongs insulin release to maintain positive nitrogen retention.

?         Essential fatty acid matrix designed to deliver stable forms of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids.


ALLMAX QUICKMASS LOADED is available in 3.3 lb, 6 lb and 10 lb jars and comes in five flavors ?  Chocolate, Strawberry-Banana and Vanilla

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Allmax Quick mass Vanilla

  • Brand: Allmax
  • Product Code: 2 Lb
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  • $39.97