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Dr. Miller's Wholy tea

  • Dr. Miller's Wholy tea


Dr. Miller?s Wholy Tea

You'll Love The Way You Feel in 7 Days or Less!

Wholy Tea Ingredients

Ingredients are a special blend of: Persimmon leaves, malva leaves, marshmallow leaves, blessed thistle, milk thistle, green tea and white tea for flavour.
Directions: Place one bag of Wholy Tea in 2 litres of boiled water. Important! Let the tea bag steep in the water for 6-8 hours.

Remove the tea bag after the steeping time. Drink one cup in morning and one cup at night. For sensitive individuals start with one cup at night only and work up to two cups.

Healthy eating ideas have been included in each box of  Wholy Tea. This is a general guideline on clean eating and feeling your best on and off Wholy Tea! 

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Dr. Miller's Wholy tea

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